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Campernet Satellite Broadband

Campernet Satellite Broadband Package 2701

We are now offering commercial equipment to professional standards to fit this need. It is not budget, but it is affordable and a necessity for a niche element of our wandering travelers who must have good internet to do business or carry on essential activities when away from it all. Let’s call him (her) Oscar.
So, you pull up and press the button. We now have
Oscar’s really solid professional mechanism and motor drives springing in to action.

Oscar has an onboard computer in his mount.
Oscar has onboard sensors that measure the pitch and roll of your vehicle so Oscar knows just well (or badly) you have parked. (Well it is nighttime and it is raining.)

Oscar’s onboard GPS does know where you are even if you don’t. (And, yes, you can read and look yourself up on the map.)
Oscar’s onboard compass also knows which way your vehicle is pointing so you don’t have to look at where the sun is at dinnertime.

Oscar has all the facts to know just where to point the dish. So up goes the dish in the exact direction. No doing 360-degree wheelies and no searching where even we know there are no satellites.
Oscar then locks on to the satellite, trims the dish and automatically communicates with the satellite ground station to set up the internet circuit.
What about the control panel? Well, Oscar has a nice small control box less than the size of your satellite TV receiver, with a smart popup touch screen just like the ones on expensive cars.
This screen has all the facilities and display to tell you what is happening and just where it is looking. It even tells you how long to take to find and lock on to your internet.

Great! Now enjoy your surfing.
One other nice thing, no multiple core cables to install. The power and control for the whole shebang is by one single coax cable.
Just three coax cables to install. This one, plus one for receive and one for transmit. Easy. Just mount your satellite system anywhere on the roof where it is out of the way of all the other stuff up there and cable to your computer desk.
Once connected, power consumption is negligible with only the satellite modem operating whist you are on the net.


Campernet Roof Top Internet Package Model 2700 General Information
Deployed Height:
157 cm Max
Stowed Dimensions:
142 cm L x 99 cm W x 31 cm H
Reflector Type:
.84 Meter Andrews 845TX Professional
  Effective Elliptical Offset
Dish rotation Cross-Pol Isolation 35 dB - 30 dB Minimum.
123 lbs
Mount Rotation:
Skew (Polarization): Azimuth: Elevation:
380 degree 90 degree to horizon + - 45 degree
Deployed Wind Resistance (Ku Band):
80 Kph
Stowed Wind Resistance:
241 Kph
Operational Temperature:
- 40 degree C to 50 degree C
Deployment Sensors
Global Positioning Satellite (GPS):
+ - 2 degrees
Tilt Sensors:
+ - .5 degree
Connections and Cabling
  Satellite (DBS) TV:
Transmit (TX) :
Receive (RX):
Electrical Data Interface: RG6 Max 38.5m
Voltage / Power
  Motor Voltage:
Acquisition Speeds
24v DC 5 Amp Max draw
Deploying Elevation:
Stowing Elevation:
7 degree per/second
Deploying Azimuth:
10 degree per/second
Peaking (Cross-Pol) Ku Band: Typical Acquisition Time: 2 to 4 minutes
14 degree per/second
Campersat System Controller
Touch Screen system
(3) ethernet RJ45 (10x100), (2) USB A, (1) USB B, (1) Serial 9 Pin
Stowed 26.04 cm L x 25.4 cm W x 5.08 cm H
120-250v AC 2.5 Amp Max Draw (at 240v)





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